Extensions for Legacy denied by twp. board

Two requests and two rejections. That’s the way it went for Legacy 925 at last week’s Oxford Township Board meeting.

Jordan Knudsen, operating officer for the 208,000-square-foot building on M-24 that houses a variety of businesses, approached the board with requests for more time.

Specifically, Knudsen asked township officials to give Legacy 925 until May 15, 2020 to complete all of the work that’s necessary to be in compliance with the property’s approved final site plan.

He also asked the township to allow Legacy 925 to continue using its outdoor patio through Dec. 31. Back in June, officials granted temporary permission, with conditions, to use the patio, but that expired on Sept. 30.

The township board turned down both requests in successive 7-0 votes. Officials want all of the work completed as required and previously promised.

“I’m tired of the excuses. I don’t want to hear (anymore) excuses,” said township Supervisor Bill Dunn.

In an Aug. 12 opinion letter, township attorney Gary Rentrop advised officials that “pursuant to the township ordinance, the board should decline to consider any proposed revision or increase in use of the site by (Legacy 925) until there has been satisfactory completion of the items required from prior site plan reviews, and verification of such completion by the township planner, township engineer and building inspector.”

Dunn read aloud an Oct. 9 letter from township planner Lauren Carlson that listed five outstanding issues that must be addressed. Those issues included a required masonry enclosure for a dumpster; dumpsters and a grease trap currently located in unapproved areas; a safety path along M-24 that’s under construction; landscaping; and a tenant’s window sign that’s in use despite being denied.

Addressing Knudsen, Dunn asked about the masonry dumpster enclosure that’s supposed to be in place by Oct. 31 as Legacy owner Christian Mills previously promised.

“Is it going to be finished?” the supervisor said.

“To my knowledge, yes. This is what we are shooting for,” Knudsen replied.

“I don’t want to hear any excuses on Nov. 1 or else I’ll be your worst nightmare,” said Dunn, who noted he, the board and Legacy’s neighbors have “been going through this for three years.”

“The answer is I’m going to do everything in my power to have it done by the 31st,” responded Knudsen.

Knudsen pointed out that he’s a “new face” at Legacy, but since his arrival, “we have gotten a decent amount of work done.”

Dunn also asked if the safety path in front of Legacy, along the west side of M-24, is going to be done by Oct. 31 as Mills promised.

“I fully expect that to be completed,” Knudsen said.

As for the two dumpsters and grease trap in unapproved areas, Knudsen told the board they will be removed and Legacy will “go through the proper channels” to make sure they’re placed in the right spots.

Treasurer Joe Ferrari said he understands that Knudsen is “a new face on an old problem.” He wanted to “give credit where credit’s due” by acknowledging that “at least some work’s being done.”

Trustee Elgin Nichols explained to Knudsen that the board is “just trying to send a message” with these denials.

“Got that loud and clear,” Knudsen said.


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