Golf cart stolen from disabled Vietnam vet

After returning to her home on Hurd Rd. in Brandon Township (Oxford mailing) late during the night on Thursday, Dec. 19, Gayle Lovely was on her way to get the mail from the end of her long, country driveway in her husband,

This golf cart, maroon in color was stolen from Hurd Rd. Photo provided.

Jerold’s, golf cart. Then it broke down. It was so late, she decided to leave it until the morning to call her son Jamie to fix it. But, when she went back down the driveway at a quarter to eight Friday morning, the cart was already gone.
“We never heard anything through the night,” Gayle said. Though she admitted the couple’s hearing is not as good as it used to be. Normally, they parked the golf cart in the garage overnight.
Jerold Lovely, a 75-year-old Vietnam War Army veteran and survivor of three different cancers, is currently battling lung cancer and is on oxygen 24 hours a day, seven days week. The cart provided Jerold mobility and a small sense of freedom. With the cart, he was able to take the trash out, collect the mail or just drive around the property to get out of the house for a few minutes. He especially looked forward to getting the mail every day.
“This was the last thing he could do,” Gayle said. “It’s a big inconvenience.”
The golf cart was a retirement gift from their son Jamie who invested time customizing it with embroidered seats and a gear shift that made it easier for him to drive.
“I just can’t believe someone would steal it,” Gayle said. “I guess living in the country you get to thinking you’re safe.”
The family does not want to press charges, they just want the golf cart back.
The case is under investigation by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department.

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