Grants roll Oxford’s way

 On May 16, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation announced $800,000 in grants to 36 organizations through the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Legacy Funds. Some of those grant funds came Oxford’s way thanks to the township’s communications and grants manager, C.J. Carnacchio, who researched, wrote and submitted the grant proposal in December 2022.

CJ Carnacchio

A press release from the foundation stated Oxford Township was awarded, “$25,000 for the design of a shared-use path near Seymour Lake Park for users of all ages and abilities (the Community Foundation will supplement this grant with an additional $25,000 from the Suzanne L. and Raymond Baber Fund, established by donors who lived in the community, for $50,000 total award).”

Quoted on the township’s social media page, Supervisor Jack Curtis said, “This is fantastic news. We are extremely grateful to the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan for all their support and encouragement. Making Oxford Township a safer place for pedestrians and cyclists is a top priority. There is a big need for a shared-use path to Seymour Lake Township Park. People tell us this all the time and we’re working hard to make it happen. This grant will bring us one step closer.”

According to Carnacchio, the design work for a 2,800-foot shared-use path from Dunlap Rd. to Sanders Rd. is nearly complete. Once that segment is complete, the township will have a shovel-ready project. Being shovel-ready makes the project more appealing as the township continues to pursue grants, donations and other potential sources to help fund construction.

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The foundation also awarded Polly Ann Trailway Management Council, Inc. $50,000 for the design work to modernize 16.9 miles of the Polly Ann Trail in Oakland County and upgrade the trail surface. The trail runs from Orion Township, through Oxford, into Addison Township, through Leonard and connects to the Lapeer trail. Don Rush


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