Illegal: Not according to, or authorized, by law

These Jottings were first printed on May 30, 2007, not that much has changed since then…
The word “illegal” isn’t too hard to understand, is it?
I am only a small voice in community newspapering, but I believe I represent the majority of legal Americans.
I don’t believe the majority of major daily newspapers and airway time fillers have such representation.
I believe in obeying immigration laws written for the benefit of the majority should have precedence over any law written for non-law-obeying immigrants.
Our representatives in Washington have allowed themselves to take sides on how to support illegal activities. Of course, money is involved.
And, of course, politics is in the forefront.
In this case . . . money and politics is redundant. From the time they are elected until they leave office, money from special interest groups pours in to persuade politicos to action, one way or another.
The guess is, and that’s all it can be, that there are 10 million to 12 million persons in our country illegally.
They apparently can’t be fenced out. Can’t be negotiated out. Can’t be forced out, can’t be urged out and probably can’t even be found to force them out.
You’ve heard and read all the excuses to allow the illegals in: Jobs Americans won’t do. Keeps prices down for all fruit and vegetable loving Americans. Makes us good neighbors, lovers of the poor, and understanding.
We do all that while giving free education, medical care, housing, food and clothing. Almost makes one want to be an immigrant.
This week the issue is being debated again in Washington. What’s to debate? The acts are illegal.
Give them amnesty, some say. Oh, no, can’t use that word in Washington.
I just plain cannot excuse our electorate for not insisting the immigration laws be enforced. And, I don’t believe, and the polls show, the majority of legal Americans can either.
So we have what many agree is the most important, far-reaching and controversial legislation for this session of Congress, and what happened?
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The Old Farmers Almanac says of June:
Blushing brides wed outside,
Accepting friends’ congratulations
Dads provide a place to hide,
In case of sudden precipitation.
Commencement speakers keep it brief,
Those sun-baked graduates need relief.
– – – 0 – – –
The thought has good legs, the quill a good tongue.

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