In response to two letters to the editor

Dear Editor,
I was going to send my response to you last week about the Jennifer Hart letter to the editor, but did not. I am glad that I did not because I want to add something more because of this last week’s issue. Letter writer Jay Taylor you are right on. I am sure there are many more examples of these “tricks.”
Staff Writer James Hanlon, the Facebook poll you talked about shows that — at least from those that responded to that poll — there should be a choice. Add me to the 8 who outright object to mask usage. The choice only makes it harder for us to go without the mask and to save our children and to go without a mask. You want to have your children wear a mask, stay home and do virtual or whatever.
Here is what I wrote last week and should have sent in.
Jennifer Hart I have read your letter to the editor and have the perfect solution for you. Put on your silence and compliance mask and one on your child and hide in your basement where you will be safe. Don’t shove your agenda down my throat. I have every right to breath free air as you have to be oppressed behind your mask. I won’t bother with facts about children and the virus since you will not have a clue about what is happening. This is not about a mask and a virus but once again you do not have a clue. It’s not about our children either. That’s just one of the vehicles to get closer to the agenda that you seem to support.
That’s all I have to say and believe me I was trying to be nice. By the way …. if those who are reading this know what I am talking about, you just plain know the truth and good for you for knowing. Be more vocal on your stance. If you are outraged that I would take this position, well just do not write me, call me , or e-mail me. I don’t need your input.
Harry Fischer

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  1. Gloria   September 9, 2021 at 6:10 pm

    Editors: why on Earth would you publish something that is against the health and safety of our neighbors and their children?
    There are so many reasons to comply with the mask request but I won’t waste my breath. I guess the ignorant are culling their tribe. But, must they endanger the rest of us?


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