It’s a wrap and some wrap-ups

For the past month, I have delved into the bright lights and high fashion world of TV. I have started shooting Don’t Rush Me: Th-e-e-e-e Show!
Well, it’s sort of like a TV show, but it ain’t. It’s really an internet show shot at our new ‘TV? like studio for our family of sites (i.e.,,, etc.) It has been an interesting journey, this road from print to broadcast. And, while the four viewers who watch have been ‘nice? in their responses to the show I know who butters my bread.
I sorta look at it this way . . . I got a face for radio and a voice for print. So, you may be asking yourself, ‘Self, why is Rush sitting in front of a camera and then broadcasting it for the world to see??
The short answer is, ‘Cuz I can.?
The real answer is, since we built this studio, we need to start producing local content for our local TV-like ‘stations.? I got thrown under the bus.
I was ‘sposed to do a nice little show, giving viewers a heads up on what they’ll find in this week’s paper. But, since I was pushed in front the the train, I’ve rebelled a little. Oh, I do the preview, but I do it my way. You can start calling me ‘One-Take Rush? from this day forward. Good, bad and the ugly. What comes out, comes out. I am a firm believer in practice makes perfect.
Since I ain’t perfect, I have nothing to worry about. So, I don’t practice. We try to put up relevant pictures and some zippy graphics to help illustrate whatever I deem important enough to discuss. For example, last week I asked for support for some issue or another. I had no graphic . . . ever the quick thinker, I ‘Googled? athletic supporter and found a public domain picture of New York Yankee/Boston Red Sox all star Wade Bogg’s jock strap and an autographed baseball.
(At least one viewer thought it was in poor taste. To which I say, taste is on the tongue of the beholder. And, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s a free country. Most folks who saw it wrote to me, called me or told me in person they chuckled. Which was the point in the first place.)
I invite folks to look up the show, new ones come out on Tuesday. And, I also invite folks to come up with better shows. If we don’t get any, and you don’t like my show, blame yourself. Until we get enough local programming, I’m it. My evil plan to take over the world continues forward.
* * *
Speaking of evil plans, what do you think the folks in Clarkston would think if I threw my hat in the ring to become the new superintendent of schools? I think I can do it, because in Clarkston, all the supt.’s duties are done by someone else. The district pays somebody to do finances; they pay somebody to talk for the superintendent; they pay somebody to answer the superintendent’s phone. Heck, all the superintendent has to do, as evidenced in the recent past, is bully your way through anybody who disagrees with you, join local, state and national boards, go to conferences and not keep the community informed.
Sign me up! And, now to the e-mail bag.
* * *
A while back I spilled the bread baker industry’s dirty little secret . . . bread ties have colors so delivery guys know when to pull older loafs of bread. This week I got this e-mail:
‘Don, your columns on ‘bread ties? were enlightening and kept me spellbound. I was really excited by the surprise ending in Part 2. Who would have ever guessed that the colors represented ‘pull dates?? However,
one real important question never got answered. Is there an industry standard on how the tie is twisted? Is it clockwise or counterclockwise? How many revolutions makes an acceptable tie (maybe there’s an fda
standard)? When you write ‘bread ties, Part 3, please include an answer. Thanks, Joe?
Joe, The answer is a better kept secret than the previous. I’ll keep the feelers out.
* * *
‘Don, read your column, as usual. My one comment concerns the ending of the texting while driving column, where Lake Orion Chief Narsh says he hasn’t seen a fuzzy dice ticket in decades. There’s probably a good reason for that. Except at classic car shows, the Chief probably hasn’t seen fuzzy dice in over 40 years, either. Nor has he seen many raccoon tails tied to radio antennas, or red dot tail lights, I’m thinking.
Best regards, Dennis, Atlas Township.?