LakePoint prayer quilts dedicated to OHS survivors

Deb Hottman prays silently for one of the Nov. 30 survivors, before tying a knot in their prayer quilt. Photo by J. Hanlon.

By James Hanlon
Leader Staff Writer
Seven handmade prayer quilts were on display inside LakePoint Community Church on Sunday, before they were delivered to the seven wounded survivors. During church services, folks could walk up to tie knots in the quilts, while saying prayers for the beneficiaries.
Deb Hottman, who leads LakePoint’s quilt ministry, designed the blue and gold “Oxford Strong” quilts herself.
Each survivor had a prayer request printed next to their quilt. Most asked for continued healing and strength. “People can go up at any time,” Hottman explained, “They read the prayer request, say a prayer for that person, then tie a knot, symbolizing that the prayer has been tied into that quilt so when they use it they are covered in prayer. We have had so many people say they can really feel the power in those quilts.”
The quilt ministry makes quilts upon request for people going through a life crisis. Back in December, they also made four quilts for the four families who lost children on Nov 30.
The ministry is part of Prayers and Squares International, an interfaith outreach organization whose motto is “It’s not about the quilts; it’s all about the prayers.”
The fabrics were donated by Joann Fabric in Auburn Hills and the backs were donated by 2nd Street Quilt Shop in Rochester.

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