Lakeville Leadership Team to the rescue


Our four-legged friends at the K-9 Stray Rescue League in Oxford got some good loving last Thursday. That’s when the members of Lakeville Elementary’s Leadership team paid a visit.
According the Lakeville Elem Team Mentor, Nora Krol, the Leadership Team created and placed boxes and signs around the school, asking for donations “to keep dogs at K-9 Stray Warm This Winter.” When it was said and done, they collected 20 bags of donations, which they dropped off last Thursday.
There are 15 students, ranging from third to fifth grade on the Leadership Team: Gabriella Call, Brook Edwards, Paige Bates, Sophia Paduch-Warner, Whillow Osvath, Kennedy Bates, Sage Hubbard, Riley Cavanaugh, Noah Ritter, Victoria Morris, Jolie Hall, Wyatt Remsing, Morgan Moore, Ella Stapp and Cameron Wray.

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