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Warrant issued for aggravated assault of girlfriend

By Teddy Rydquist
Leader Staff Writer
At 4:15 p.m. on July 23, the Oxford Township Sheriff’s Substation received a telephone call from a Lake Villa Mobile Home Park resident who said she heard arguing and screaming from a neighboring unit on E. Manor Street.
While en route, the substation received another call, this one from the woman involved in the argument, a 19-year-old woman, who resides at the unit in question.
According to the woman’s statement to deputies, her ex-boyfriend, a 20-year-old Wixom resident, came over to drop off some items she needed for the couple’s seven-month-old son.
The victim informed deputies her ex-boyfriend has physically assaulted her in the past and moved to Lake Villa to distance herself from him.
As she was picking up the items from the man, an argument broke out over a previous physical incident and the man slapped her across the face three times with an open-hand. The woman ran inside, grabbing a pair of scissors to defend herself in the process.
Allegedly, the man made his way inside the residence, knocking the woman to the floor and repeatedly punching her in the head and ribs. He then put his hands around her throat and began strangling her, allegedly saying he was “going to kill her and break every bone in her body,” reports stated.
The woman was able to free herself from his grasp and dialed 911, at which point the suspect took off in his car, a blue 2009 Dodge Avenger, owned by his mother, a 49-year-old West Bloomfield resident.
Deputies observed several injuries on the woman, both fresh and old, consistent with her version of events and allegations of continued abuse. These injuries included swelling around both eyes, a bloody nose, redness and bruising on her throat and neck, and a bite mark on her left arm.
She also stated she thought she had suffered broken ribs in the assault and was transported to Ascension Providence Hospital in Rochester for medical treatment.
An arrest warrant was issued for the man for aggravated/felonious assault. He has yet to return to his Wixom residence and attempts to locate the 20-year-old have been unsuccessful.
With his current whereabouts unknown, an all-points bulletin (ABP) has been issued and forwarded to the Wixom Police Department.
The baby was not harmed in this incident.


Borrowed from a friend
On the evening of June 20, an on-duty Oxford Village Police officer observed a red Ford F-150 sitting unoccupied at Scripter Park. The officer ran the license plate on the rear of the vehicle, which came back registered to a 2002 Chevrolet. A couple of hours later, at 8:15 p.m., the same officer saw the F-150 leave Scripter Park and begin to head northbound on Glaspie Street.
Executing a traffic stop because of the license plate discrepancy, the driver of the truck, a 50-year-old Oxford man, stated he had not yet transferred the vehicle into his name from the previous owner and that he did not have insurance. He also admitted the affixed license plate belonged to a friend of his.
A Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) query of the man’s driver’s license number showed a felony arrest warrant for possession of methamphetamine, issued by the Michigan State Police Metro North Post.
While searching the truck, officers located an open can of Bud Light and an open bottle of Fireball Whisky on the passenger floorboard, in front of where the man’s 12-year-old daughter had been sitting.
The man was taken to the Oakland County Jail on his methamphetamine warrant and was issued three misdemeanors for open intoxicants, operating with an expired license, and improper plates, as well as a civil infraction for his lack of insurance.
His daughter was taken to her sister’s residence in Oakland Township.

Construction zone
At 2:09 a.m. on June 17, a 35-year-old Oxford man was pulled over after turning, without using his turn signal, from East Burdick Street onto northbound Washington Street.
The northbound lane of Washington Street is torn down to dirt because of the road construction, and “no turn” signs and blaze orange barrels are present to mark this.
Upon approaching the vehicle, an officer noticed the odor of intoxicants on the suspect’s person and in his vehicle, a blue Chevrolet Blazer.
The man failed a series of field sobriety tests and volunteered to take a preliminary breath test (PBT), which registered a .184, more than twice the legal limit of .08.
A search of the Blazer unearthed an open bottle of Crown Royal Apple Whisky, stashed in the center console.
Charged with operating with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or more, the man was taken to McLaren Oakland Hospital in Pontiac to have blood drawn and then to the Oakland County Jail. He was also given a misdemeanor for improper plates – his license plate had expired in September 2016 – and civil infractions for no proof of insurance and disobeying a traffic control device.

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