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Lost and found
A 32-year-old Oxford Township man arrived at the Sheriff’s Substation on July 16 at 9:38 a.m. to report his Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol missing.
He told deputies the day before he was preparing to leave for work and had to run back inside his house before he left, leaving the handgun on top of the trunk of his car in the driveway of his Pontiac Street home.
It was not until he returned home at 5 p.m. that he realized the 9mm was missing.
Fortunately, an Orion Township deputy recovered the pistol the day it went missing, presumably falling off the man’s vehicle shortly after he left his driveway. The handgun was returned to its lawful owner.

Expired medication
At 11:21 p.m. on July 22, a 59-year-old Oxford woman was pulled over after an Oxford Village Police officer observed her attempt to make a U-turn, then proceed southbound on Louck Street while traveling in the wrong lane.
Once stopped, the woman claimed she was searching for her dog, which she said had run away. A Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) query of the woman’s driver’s license revealed an outstanding warrant for second-degree retail fraud from the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office.
Her vehicle, a red 1997 Ford Crown Victoria, was impounded by Buckhorn Towing. Before it was towed away, however, an inventory search was conducted. Officers discovered a glass insert for a bong, a piece of drug paraphernalia commonly used to smoke marijuana, under the driver’s seat, along with a gallon-sized Ziploc bag containing approximately 1.4 ounces of said substance.
Loose .22 rifle bullets were scattered on the floorboard behind the driver’s seat, and, in the woman’s purse on the passenger seat, three-and-a-half yellow pills were found in another Ziploc bag, each marked with “T259.” Further investigation determined these pills were believed to be a prescription narcotic consisting of acetaminophen and hydrocodone bitartrate, a painkiller and Schedule 2 controlled substance. The narcotic had been prescribed to the woman following a hip surgery. Reports show the prescription expired about two years ago.
Two firearms, a German Sport Guns 1911 .22 rifle and a Kel-Tec PMR-30, a semi-automatic pistol, were found in the trunk of the Crown Victoria. Both firearms were registered to the woman’s 55-year-old husband. The woman was taken to the Oakland County Jail on her retail fraud warrant and was charged with drug possession. — Compiled by Teddy Rydquist

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