Leader Question of The Week

On our Facebook page last week we asked readers, “Recently people protested in Lansing regarding mask rules for student athletes. What’s your take?”
Thanks for participating! Here’s how you responded.
Erica S D. They are outside, the variables on masks and how an individual body handles it during exercise and exertion is not something that a blank slate EO should be deciding for children. Some kids are ok with it and it isn’t an issue, but others aren’t and you don’t know till something happens. This is not a gamble we should be taking on children. I can see use in the classrooms and will continue to be positive for my child, but outside, it makes me sick to see kids being masked during practices.
Jim S. In the photos I’ve seen of high school players, many are worn under the nose, as a chin strap, or not at all. If there is concern for the player’s safety, then the activity should have been restricted. I doubt the mask requirement is accomplishing much.
Kristin V B. Our son conditions twice a day for basketball, 3 hours at a time indoors, works out at ETS 5 times a week, wears a mask and has yet to complain, other than it not being cleaned! Lol. He knows the rules if he wants to condition and workout. Each child is different and especially those with allergies and or asthma. At this point, our stance is, they can compete and condition and that can turn at any point . Just curious how many athletes/students have actually complained about it?

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