Letter to Editor: Contact tracing nightmare coming to Michigan

Dear Editor,
We are at risk in Michigan of implementing policies that severely impact our rights and freedoms. These policies may also impose unnecessary burdens on residents and violate their privacy and freedom to choose.
As most know, contact tracing is the established practice of identifying and monitoring individuals who may have had contact with an infectious person as a means of controlling the spread of a communicable disease. With the latest virus, our Governor wants to massively expand its usage. Michigan will soon be receiving $315 Million for “virus testing, contact tracing, and surveillance” from the U.S. Government.
The question now is, “How will Governor Whitmer’s contact tracing process work?” She had already mobilized and trained 2,300 volunteers who were ready to implement it prior to funding. My concern is that we don’t know what specific actions her new army will take … or how our rights will be protected. She needs to tell us — now.
Based on actions by other states, participation in this tracing may not be voluntary. People will be required to submit to government orders whether they like it or not. For example in the State of Washington, an allegation that someone may have been exposed can result in quarantine without medical verification. And three “relocation centers” for children removed from homes have been set up. Vaccines may not be optional.
This is not how Michigan or America should operate. What will be next – having to prove your health status before you can enter a building?
This is the time to say “No” and put legislation in place to protect those who do not voluntarily submit to Governor Whitmer’s still-to-be-disclosed “contact tracing” plan in Michigan. We need our Michigan Senators and House Members to put legislation into place to protect us. This virus is already dying. We do not want forced testing, isolation, removal of family members, or vaccination.
Michigan has dealt with much worse pandemic-type issues in the past. We have pulled through them without unfairly removing or diminishing the rights of individuals. We implore all governmental officials to find ways to help residents protect their health while respecting Constitutional and other rights in the process.
Jay R. Taylor
Oxford, MI

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