Letter to the Editor: An open letter to our wonderful community

Hello Oxford. Our lovely community has been through too much in 2020. Covid, construction and a divided community are the top three that come to mind.
The Construction will end. There is light at the end of that tunnel. It is still a great stress and we can get through this.
The Covid has us all wondering what we will be allowed to do tomorrow. This is also a great stress and we will support our local businesses and local first responders and teachers. Together, we can get through this.
We have a wonderful local police department. There should not be a divide for this opinion. If there is, please reach out to our local PD and let them know what you think they could do better. Better yet, buy an officer a coffee and have a conversation with them.
On the other side of the divide is our diverse community. Oxford does not have a large percentage of People of Color. I would suggest having a cup of coffee with someone that looks different from you and having a conversation with them.
One more thing we can do in this unprecedented time is to celebrate! Go to the beach, visit with friends and neighbors while respecting personal space, or attend a concert in the park.
If we are truly a great community we have to stand up to bullies.
Use your judgement when attending events. If you do choose to attend, bring your “Love Oxford” and “Oxford Strong” signs and show we are one community. Stand with our Police and People of Color – united. Show that Oxford is the example for the world.
Ann Cowan, Pam Harvell, Doris Tseng Gilles, Lisa Marie, Jacqueline Baker, Cara Erskine, Carey Gibson, Michelle Folden, Megan Parkin, Melissa Rosen Clark and Concerned Oxford Community Residents.

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