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Calling out writer,
Oxford Leader
Dear Editor,
I am writing to you to express my frustration and disappointment with your choice to publish the piece by Joe Wayda (Oct. 14). I understand that the letters are opinions, however you published a piece with no contrasting counterpart, and allowed Joe to blast out blatant falsehoods.This might as well have been a Qannon rally piece. This is unacceptable by any journalistic standards or ethics. Did you even fact check Joe’s claims? How many people will read this and take it as fact? Do you even care?
In this climate of 2020, we need any and all publications to be as informative and non biased as possible, especially on a local level. The fact that you gave a fear monger a platform to spew lies and twist facts is an act of endorsement. While you may agree with Joe’s viewpoint, while terribly uneducated at the least, you are entitled to that belief as a citizen. As an editor and newspaper however you are not. By endorsing garbage such as Joe’s with no counter point your publication is nothing more than a Facebook Fox News echo chamber. Any good publication and its authors strive to at least appear unbiased, yet you fail to even do that.
I strongly encourage you to cease publishing propaganda pieces like Mr. Wayda’s. It does not help anybody, only pushes people down a path of false beliefs. If you insists on such publications, then it must be met with a counter point or argument. This would allow your readers an opportunity to look at both pieces, think of the merits of each, and make an informed decision themselves. At the very least, you would be encouraging public debate and fact checking, both which seem to be missing from your paper at the moment.
Happy to discuss the piece and fact check for you any time, hoping to see some changes in the next publication.
Alex Nash, Oxford

It’s not WHO, it is
WHAT are you voting for
Dear Editor:
I’m so tired of hearing WHO people are voting for (or against) in the upcoming Presidential election. The most important question is: WHAT you are voting for? What kind of a country do you want to have?
Personally, I’m going to vote for candidates at every level who will work hard to protect my right to free speech and to defend myself and my family. Who are the candidates that will create the best environment for families, businesses and jobs? Who will protect the right to vote, the Electoral College and the Supreme Court? Which candidate will keep our troops out of foreign lands unless absolutely necessary? Who will appoint Federal judges that will uphold the law and not rewrite it?
Also, we should ask which candidates up and down the ticket will protect the vulnerable in our society, including the unborn? Who will work hard to bring peace to the Middle East and end human trafficking? Do we have candidates who respect our right to worship and will secure our borders from those who want to go around the legal immigration process? Do we have candidates who view criminals as people needing to be punished?
These are some of the questions I hope people ask themselves in the next two weeks to decide which officials to elect.
Jay R. Taylor, Oxford

They are voting
for LaMacchia
Dear Editor,
At a time when the Orion/Oxford area is rapidly growing and changing, Jody LaMacchia is uniquely qualified to represent our community in the Michigan House of Representatives. Jody’s values and community spirit wonderfully reflect what this community stands for. In her work with families in high-conflict family law cases in Oakland County Circuit Court, Jody has shown time and again her ability to bring people together despite their different perspectives and strong emotions. She also has a well-deserved reputation for caring for all members of the community, not just those who agree with her. Check our her website and her opponent’s. You’ll see that Jody is exactly the person we need in Lansing to help this area keep growing.
Ken Mogill and Maureen Shaughnessy

He’s voting for
Rep. John Reilly
Dear Editor,
John Reilly is one of the most in-touch, hard-working representatives in the state who stands for our values. He’s operated his own small business and stands for reducing government intrusion in our lives. John Reilly was instrumental in getting bi-partisan support for the historic legislation that will finally give Michigan drivers breaks in our car insurance. He is an honest man of personal integrity, and stands to reduce government excess.
Alternatively, his opponent is a long-time government-paid psychologist who represents the far left of our political spectrum. Her donors expect big government solutions that will cost us our earnings and personal freedoms.
I first met John Reilly when he came door to door, personally introducing himself to families in our community. He’s active with several different church groups, listening and talking on matters of faith, freedom, personal responsibility, and the importance of community involvement in solving our problems.
John Reilly is my representative, and I hope you’ll support him the way he’s supported our communities.
Mike Kurschat, Oakland Township
Oxford High School Graduate, Class of 1980
Big Fan of the Oxford Leader

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