Letters to the editor

Visited by an angel

I wanted to share a heart warming story that took place in Oxford at the Casa Real restaurant on Sept. 24

I was taking my son and his friends out to dinner at Casa Real restaurant to celebrate his 19th birthday.  There were more friends than I had expected, however I was planning on paying for our bill when the waiter said, “It’s already been paid for by an angel.”

I thought he was joking around and I asked him again for the bill, he repeated himself again and I didn’t understand what was going on when he pointed across the restaurant to me a man named Brett and his wife and two younger children.

I couldn’t believe it then and am still flabbergasted by it! I believe I have been visited by an angel and hopefully Brett and his sweet family are doubly blessed in all areas of their lives. This is a shout out to Brett: GOD BLESS YOU GOOD!

Michele Froehlich, Oxford

My school board choices

I am responding to the letter to the editor from George Stoffan (published Oct. 12, 2002) and why he is voting for A. Hamilton. Here is why I am not voting for Hamilton or Hanser for school board.

I did not like their response to the CRT (Critical Race Theory) question as reported in the Oct 5 Oxford Leader.

To me it is a choice between indoctrination and brainwashing or freedom of thought without guilt. So to me the choice is easy. Three of the people I am voting for are Bryan Eftink, Andrea McDonough and Mike Whitney. That is my free thought and I will express it on voting day without any guilt.

Harry Fischer, Oxford

Voting for Dixon

Vote for Tudor M. Dixon for Governor. She will bring back control of the State to the people of Michigan by being responsive and responsible to the people. She would not have sent Covid patients into uninfected nursing homes and killed our seniors. Our Michigan economy would not have been shuttered and people would not have been imprisoned for trying to provide for themselves.

Vote for Kristina Elaine Karamo for Secretary of State. She will bring back SERVICE to the office. Where you will not have to make an appointment months ahead to get your license plates transferred, cars won’t be on the road without License plates. Or have Fair and Honest elections by TRANSPARENCY and ACTUAL FULL AUDITS of any municipality that does not BALANCE their polling books with the number of voters and confirms that all voters are ALIVE when they voted.  

Vote for Matthew DePerno for Attorney General, he will enforce ALL laws on the books of Michigan, not only the ones he likes, like the current AG. That is the JOB of the AG; to enforce the laws of the state of Michigan no matter what they prefer, they take an OATH to that.

Ron Renaud, Addison Township

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