Lexi pens her ‘Pefect Day’ in Oxford

Lexi’s ‘perfect’ day.

By Don Rush
Leave it to the young to find ways to be happy and postive just by spreading cheer and kindness to others.
Case-in-point, we introduce Leader readers to eight-year-old Alexa “Lexi” Keat. A paper she wrote while at home with her family and not finishing out her second grade class of Daniel Axford Elementary, made its way to our office. It’s titled, “Lexi’s Perfect Day In Oxford,” and it made us smile.

Lexi Keat

According to her mom, Meagan Keat, “The purpose of her paper was to write about some local businesses she loves and would like to support in a plan for her perfect day in Oxford when things get a little more normal.”
Lexi’s hand-printed paper has drawn hearts, stars and three stick people across the page bottom. It includeds 13 items for her “perfect” day. She’d start her great day this way, “Go to 5-1 Diner for chocolate chip pancakes with a side of strawberry sauce.”
Number 4 on her list is to, “go to Frosty Boy and get ice cream for lunch!”
Number 8: Stop by Achatz to get ran honey — beg Mom to get lemon bars 🙂
Lexi would end her perfect day thusly, “Say my prayers that we all stay happy, healthy and safe to have more days just like this.”
According to mom, Lexi and her 11-year-old sister Sofia have both been busy not going to school.
“During this time, both girls have made cheerful notes for the seniors at an assisted living facility I work at as a Physical Therapist,” Meagan said.
“We also collected more notes from our family and neighborhood kids. They have been bike riding, playing, exploring outside, continuing their dance classes online over Zoom, cooking, baking, doing science experiments and writing and sending notes to family and friends. They have been doing school Zoom calls daily since quarantine with their grandma (who is a retired teacher) and cousins, and more recently, schoolwork from Daniel Axford and Oxford Elementary schools.”
On May 4, Lexi also wrote a letter to her mail carrier, complete with a colorful rainbow drawing. “Dear Post Lady,” wrote Lexi, “thank you for delivering our mail. I am so happy that I can get mail from my family and friends. It means even more during this pandemic because I can’t see them. I love writing and mailing notes, too. Thank you for your hard work. Stay safe and healthy!”

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