Local Irish Dancer Competes For International Camp Scholarship



Jillian Wolf, an Irish dancer from Oxford, MI, and the Assistant Director of Motor City Irish Dance in Rochester Hills, MI, is participating in a video scholarship competition for Fusion Dance Fest, a world-wide Irish dance camp held entirely online at the end of July.  The dancer whose video receives the most views on Facebook wins a scholarship to the camp, along with the title of 2020 Scholarship Winner.


Jillian Wolf. Photo from Motor City Irish Dance

“From the first day I started Irish dance, I knew it was going to be my thing, and it quickly became my passion,” said Jillian.  “I love how I’m able to reach others and have an impact on their lives through teaching Irish dance and performing.  It’s an amazing feeling to be able to put a smile on someone’s face while doing something I love.”


Fusion Dance Fest is hosted by the world-famous performance Irish dance group, Fusion Fighters.  The international cast of 80 dancers will be trained by many instructors from around the world for eight days via videos and live online classes.  The camp will culminate in the first-of-its-kind professional Irish dance show hosted entirely online. 


“I’m so excited to have this opportunity,” said Jillian.  “Part of what I love about performing is working with other dancers to create something that’s ten times bigger than anything I could create by myself.  It’s amazing to have the chance to be a part of something huge that is going to make history in the Irish dance world.”


For the scholarship, each dancer who elected to participate in the video competition submitted a brief clip to Fusion Fighters.  Each dancer has 14 days to get as many views on their video as possible.  The dancer who gets the most views wins a scholarship to Fusion Dance Fest and the title of 2020 Scholarship Winner.


“Not only does the video competition give me a chance to earn a scholarship for the camp,” Jillian said, “but it’s also an incredible opportunity to showcase the Irish dance that we have right here in Michigan – including my studio, Motor City Irish Dance, in the metro Detroit area.  I’m thrilled that I’m able to share this with a worldwide audience.”


Jillian has until 1:30pm on July 4th to get as many views as possible.  Her video can be found on the Fusion Fighters’ Facebook page at the following link. 


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