Local results from last week’s Primary election

By James Hanlon
Leader Staff Writer
On March 10, voters went to polls across the state for the presidential primary. It was a closed primary, so voters had the option of selecting either a Democratic, Republican or proposal-only ballot.
Results in Oxford and Addison precincts closely matched those of both the county and the state.
In the Michigan Democratic Presidential Primary, Joe Biden won with 838,564 votes and 72 delegates. Bernie Sanders had 576,916 votes and 52 delegates. On the Republican ballot, Donald Trump won all 73 delegates with 639,144 votes.
Likewise in Oakland County, Joe Biden won with 145,408; Bernie Sanders 86,666. On the Republican ballot, Donald Trump won with 84,824. More voted “uncommitted” (4,334) than for any of the remaining three Republican challengers.
Locally, the numbers that follow are calculated from Oakland County Clerk’s 8th Congressional District Unofficial Results. Figures include absentee ballots.

Addison Township
In Addison Township’s three precincts, Joe Biden had 400 votes while Bernie Sanders had 296. Overall Democratic turnout was 847.
On the Republican ballot, Donald Trump won an overwhelming 933 votes. 30 voted “uncommitted.” Overall Republican turnout was 985.
Overall voter turnout for both parties and proposals-only was 1,914 out of 5023 registered voters (38.1%)
Addison Township Precinct 3 voters voted on the Macomb Intermediate School District Regional Enhancement Millage, a “new additional” millage of 1.90 mils on taxable properties for a 10 year period. 152 voted “Yes,” while 234 voted “No” in Precinct 3. The proposal passed, however, with 118,394 “yes” votes to 90,460 “no” overall.

Oxford Township
Oxford Township’s seven precincts, which includes the village (Precinct 1), voted 1,489 for Joe Biden, while Bernie Sanders had 1,032 votes. In no precinct did Bernie Sanders win more votes than Joe Biden. Overall Democratic turnout was 2,952.
On the Republican ballot, Donald Trump won 2,230 votes. Like Addison, more folks voted “uncommitted” (62) than for any of the remaining three candidates. Overall Republican turnout was 2,354.
Overall voter turnout was 5,516 out of 16,678 registered voters. (33.07%)

DIA Millage
Oakland County passed the Renewal of Oakland County Art Institute Authority Millage, renewing the county’s current 0.2 mill (20 cents per $1,000 taxable value) on property located within the county for a 10-year period from 2022-2031. Across the county, 268,337 voted “yes,” while 85,986 voted “no.”
The majority of Addison and Oxford voters approved the millage as well.
In Addison Township, 1,019 votes “yes,” while 865 voted “no.”
In Oxford Township, 3,234 voted “yes,” while 2,183 voted “no.”
Oxford Township Precinct 6 was only one of two precincts in the entire county to vote “no.” In that precinct, 387 voted “no,” while 366 voted “yes.”
The other precinct to vote “no” was Brandon Township, Precinct 2.

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