Local wants own TV show

Whoa-who-a Oprah! Orion resident, independent insurance agent, family man and health nut, Dennis James is singing the praises of talk-show giant Oprah Winfrey . . . and is hoping to land his own show through her website, www.oprah.com
James, 55, has produced a short 2.5 minute video hawking his new show idea. In the nationwide hunt to find a new show, viewer are asked to vote for their favorite idea.
Winfrey has stated she is calling it curtains on her TV show.
According to James, his show, ‘brings a message of individual and teams competing in a fun, friendly way, with a lot of action like karate and dance moves.?
James estimates he rides one of his three bikes 4,000 miles a year. He is a former black belt Karate and ballroom dance instructor, also. As such, his show will be about health, wellness and staying positive.
To view and vote for his show idea: Oh, and hurry . . .the deadline is in a few days!
1. Go to www.oprah.com
2. Click on ‘Your Own Show?
3. Click on ‘Browse and Vote?
4. Enter ‘Dennis James? in the search engine.
James and his wife Sue have two children, Megan and Christian.