Locals do-gooders honored by Oakland County Sheriff

By Dean Vaglia
Leader Staff Writer
Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard honored nine Oakland County residents —including six from Oxford, Addison, Independence and Orion townships — on Tuesday, Aug. 10.
The Citizen Awards were handed out as part of an annual awards ceremony for officers and deputies. Awards honored actions performed in 2019 and 2020 due to COVID-19 postponing the 2020 awards ceremony.
“I’m grateful … for the many residents whose selfless contributions have made our jobs safer,” Bouchard said, according to a press release by the department. “This is the one day a year when we publicly thank and honor the women and men of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and community members for their contributions, bravery and skill, and they certainly deserve it.”

Local Citizen Award recipients are:

Nick Alongi

Nick Alongi (Oxford Township), who identified an elderly man who was being scammed and stopped him from buying $3,000 in gift cards. Alongi determined the man was under duress, halted the transaction and contacted law enforcement.
Matthew Brown (Orion Township), who stopped a fleeing suspect blocking the exit of a parking lot with his tow truck.
Robert Flores (Addison Township), who saved a man’s life while working at a restaurant by performing CPR on them until emergency services arrived and revived the man.
Marvin Levy (Addison Township), who helped deputies and firefighters quickly locate an injured man in a storm. The man broke his ankle in the woods and Levy took a deputy and led firefighters to the injured man on his four-wheeler.
Amy Lewis (Independence Township), who pulled an accident victim from a burning vehicle and performed first aid on them until emergency services arrived.
Beverly Weddle (Independence Township), who donated 300 backpacks filled with first aid and hygiene supplies, hats, gloves and scarves to homeless people.

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