Lots of school improvements slated for 2020

Most of Oxford’s school buildings will receive improvements in the summer of 2020 as part of the second series of the district bond. On April 23, school board trustees reviewed the second series project from the 2017 bond that was approved by voters during a presentation by Chuck Lewis from IBS Architecture.

All the work presented on April 23 will be managed by Clark Construction, with whom the district works frequently.

“The scope of work is kind of bundled, if you will,” Lewis said. “So, at each of the schools we’re doing some security lighting on the buildings and on three of the sites we’re going to do site improvements for paving, sidewalks and site lighting.”

Lewis added that bundling projects like this typically results in a lower price.

Daniel Axford and OES

Two of the elementary schools slated to receive updates in 2020 are neighboring Daniel Axford Elementary and Oxford Elementary School both will have repaved or repaired sidewalks and parking lots for parents to roll in and out of during the day.

Both schools will have their exterior lighting replaced or updated. This means some light polls will be replaced and others will get new LED bulbs. On top of that, both campuses will get a new fire alarm system and experience some improvements on their playgrounds.

Clear Lake

Clear Lake Elementary will have its parking lots and sidewalks repaved or repaired and there will be improvements to its playground. The building will also have some outdoor light poles replaced while others get new LED bulbs for increased visibility at night.

“Our goal is to get a consistently lit site with energy efficient lighting,” Lewis said.

Lakeville and Leonard

Lakeville and Leonard elementary schools are both expected to receive more improvements as part of the later series in the bond. For now, both will be given new window coverings, or blinds, and will have some of their building-mounted exterior lighting replaced.

Eventually, Lewis said every school in the district is expected to have its sidewalks and parking lots repaired or repaved. Lakeville and Leonard are both part of the series three work.

“Every site, in the end, will have some improvements to paving and site lighting,” Lewis said. It’s just how they’re phased in the series.”

Oxford Middle School

As the second-largest facility in the district, Oxford Middle School has a laundry list of improvements it’s expecting in the coming years. But in 2020, the school will get new window coverings, a new domestic water boiler, new sanitary and heating pipes and new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls.

“Here’s where a big part of our work is going to happen from an infrastructure perspective,” Lewis said of the building.

Two big improvements students and staff will notice are the new fire alarm system and new building-mounted exterior lighting.

Oxford High School

Oxford High School is expected to get many new improvements, including replaced roofing and a repaved parking lot this summer. In 2020, its inside will get a little more of the love with new carpets in the 300, 400 and 500 hallways. The halls will also have their vinyl composite tile (VCT) replaced with luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Lewis said the word “luxury” simply means the tile will be more durable.

“I’ve been here for a long time as a resident, and replacing this floor is something we’ve talked about for a long time… With this we’ll improve the look, the durability and appearance of the building.” Lewis said.

In the school’s swimming facilities, the pool will get a new interior finish and the air handling units (AHUs) in the area will be replaced. In the classrooms, each will get new window coverings.

Transportation building

The district transportation building, where many of the busses spend their nights, will get some long-awaited beautification. The standing seam roof will be replaced, and bus drivers will be able to enjoy new bathrooms and an improved divers’ lounge when they return in the fall of 2020.


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