M-24 southbound lane finally switched

M-24’s single southbound lane transitions to the fresh pavement on the east side of the highway, after the Broadway intersection. Photo by J. Hanlon

By James Hanlon
Leader Staff Writer
Do not be alarmed when you see southbound traffic flowing down the left side of M-24, between Burdick St. and Drahner Rd. Southbound traffic has been shifted to the east side of the highway so construction crews can begin work on the west side.
MDOT made the switch last Saturday, Aug. 29. The shift was originally scheduled to take place Aug. 21. It was then delayed several times, first to Aug. 27, then one day later to Aug. 28, and finally to Aug. 29.
The last two delays were due to rainy weather, according to MDOT Engineer Brian Travis.
The shift will remain in effect for the remainder of the M-24 project. Despite the delays, the project is still on schedule for completion in mid-November.
Northbound traffic will continue to be prohibited between Drahner Rd. and Gateway Dr., while southbound traffic will still be restricted to one lane.
There is no new detour route for this traffic switch, since a single lane of southbound traffic will always be maintained. The regular detour route, directing northbound traffic through Glaspie St., will continue. For detour maps, visit RestoreM-24.com.
In other news, Oxford Village announced that crews dug up an old pair of horseshoes near East St. The equestrian artifacts are of uncertain age, but likely date back to before there were paved roads in Oxford. The village is cleaning them up and plans to donate them to the North Oakland Historic Museum.

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