Mom would rather see $20K spent on students than FOIA requests

“You’ve called the FBI, homeland security has been here to visit us… and all I can think of is it’s like a child that’s having a tantrum that does not get the right answer… you throw your tantrum and your tantrum has cost the district (nearly) $20,000 that could be spent on playgrounds or interventionists for third-grade reading or any number of things, but I’m fed up with it.”

– School Board Trustee Jim Reis

I’d like to respond to this as a parent with a third-grader in the reading intervention program. Money that could have been spent helping my child when he needs it the most was wasted on this.

A student in the district lost educational resources he desperately needs because of this. This may not seem like a “big deal” in the grander scheme of things but, to this Oxford parent, it’s a big deal.

To that third-grader it’s a big deal. That extra help could have made a world of difference to my son.

But we will never know because the district had to spend the money dealing with all these FOIA’s and the FBI.

What’s more important? A third-grader getting the help he needs or a FOIA? I think the answer is clear to any parent.

Meg Buckley



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