New voting location for some Oxford residents

Almost 5,000 registered voters in Oxford are on notice: If you’re in precinct 2 or 7, don’t cast your vote at your old polling station. Beginning with the March 10 Presidential Primary, Oxford voters in those precincts will no longer vote in Oxford Elementary School.
Moving forward, Precinct 2 voters will use the Oxford Village Community Room, located at 22 W. Burdick St. Meanwhile, Precinct 7 voters will cast their ballots at the Oxford Public Library, slightly south of Oxford Elementary at 530 Pontiac Rd.
For Oxford Community Schools, this is a welcome move. “We did submit a request to (Township Clerk) Curtis Wright, asking for Oxford Elementary to be removed for the March presidential primary,” Oxford Community Schools Superintendent Tim Throne confirmed.
“We did not have this event on our initial calendar, and because of security and safety concerns, we do not hold school during days elections are held at the building.”
While canceling classes for one school for one day seems easy enough, Throne said it’s not that simple. “All of our elementary schools run on the same schedule. So, if I close Oxford Elementary, but don’t close the other buildings, I’m still running all my buses for another day.”
In addition to Oxford Elementary, the district has four other elementary schools: Clear Lake, Daniel Axford, Lakeville and Leonard.
Moving precinct 2 and 7 voters to their new locations allows the district to keep all their schools open and flowing on the same schedule.
“Long story short, if I do something at Oxford Elementary, it impacts all the other elementary schools, too,” Throne said. “For that reason, we asked for Oxford Elementary to not be included this time around.”
With the voting being moved elsewhere instead of canceling a day of school, the district is hoping this makes life – at least a little bit – easier for the parents of elementary students, as well.
“Once we make our school calendar available to our parents, we don’t like to change it,” Throne said. “People have set vacations and things of that nature, so even changing one day can mix things up. At the end of the day, if we were to not have school on March 10, that means we would have to have school another day. Whether that’s one more day at the end of the year, or one less day of spring break, regardless, we would have to make it up.”
As of this past December, Precinct 2 had 2,273 registered voters. Precinct 2 starts up at Davison Lake Rd. on the east side of M-24 to the township border with Addison Township. The district boundary goes south on M-25 to the north side of Ray Rd., south on Oxford Rd., skirting to the east side of Oxford Village and south to E. Drahner.
Precinct 7 has 2,541 registered voters. The district is on the north side of W. Burdick/Seymour Lake Rd, west to Dunlap Rd. It follows Dunlap north, and then east to M-24; south to Ray Rd., then south on the west side of Oxford Rd. It the skirts along the north boundary of Oxford Village.
New voter registration cards were distributed via the United States Postal Service to those voters this past December. If you have not received your new card for whatever reason, you are encouraged to call the Clerk’s Office at 248-628-9787. The Clerk’s Office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Additionally, it is now easier than ever for voters to make their selections from the comforts of their own home, if they choose to do so. Absent voter ballots can be obtained by any registered voter; further information is available at the Clerk’s Office.

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