NOTA’s new $1 million home in town

North Oakland Transportation Authority has a new home in Oxford. They officially moved in Jan. 27, so they’ve enjoyed the new space at 675 S. Glaspie St. for a couple weeks now.

NOTA’s new digs on Glaspie Street allows for onsite, inside parking for up to 16 vehicles. Photo by J. Hanlon.

“We are so excited to be moved in,” said NOTA Director Lynn Gustafson. “We love our new space.”
NOTA provides transportation for senior citizens, individuals with disabilities and low-income residing in Orion, Oxford, Addison and Leonard. NOTA provided 42,090 rides last year.
NOTA began looking for a new place to live early last year, when the former school bus garage they were leasing from Lake Orion’s school district was scheduled to be demolished.
They soon found one in Oxford Village: a 20,000 square foot building, formerly housing Master Manufacturing, Inc., on two acres zoned for industrial use.
The building cost $1.1 million. NOTA has had six homes since it formed in 2001, but this is the first time they have owned the place.
They weren’t able to move in right away because they had a lot of renovations done. The building is very clean and still smells new.
“We’ve been waiting so long,” Gustafson said. “It’s been almost a year, so we are very appreciative.”
The building houses NOTA’s administrative offices, dispatch center and parking for the 21 vehicle fleet. Gustafson is happy they can park about half of the fleet indoors now, which they could not do at previous sites.
They are only using half of the building, so they have room to grow if needed. In the meantime, they are leasing the rest of the space to a pet enclosure and fencing company called PYP Ventures. This will help NOTA pay for its day-to-day operational costs in the new building.

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