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Dear Editor,

Do you have trouble hearing, I did and I am only 11-years-old! Thanks to my parents and doctors who understood hearing loss, I got help when I was younger. A lot of people with hearing loss don’t even know they have a problem, so if you think everyone is just mumbling or you’ve been told you may have trouble hearing by a grandchild or friend you should definitely get it checked out by a Doctor of Audiology. Hearing loss is nothing to ignore and there is so much help, let me tell you why.
According to the 2018 census an estimated 7.4 percent of Michiganders are deaf or hard of hearing. These are hearing losses that can and should be treated.
According to the National Center of Health statistics approximately 15 percent of American adults report some trouble hearing. And it’s not just adults either. The state of Michigan records (EDHI) up to 3 in a thousand babies are born with some degrees of hearing impairment, making hearing loss in infants of the most common birth defects.
Now hear this! According to John Hopkins and Dr Lin’s research in 2018, hearing loss is also linked with walking problems, falls, social isolation and even dementia. Although nearly 27 million Americans age 50 and older have hearing loss, but only 1 in 7 seeks treatment. By treating your hearing loss you may save yourself for many health issues down the road. So, don’t ignore it.
And please don’t tell yourself that your hearing’s not that bad, any amount of hearing loss can negatively impact your life. Be proactive and see a doctor of audiology.
If you have hearing loss seek treatment, it doesn’t mean you’re old. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Grandpa Mahalak. Hearing problems will lead to missing out on life and being active will help your brain stay younger. I want my grandpa to be able to hear about my school day and play games with me for a really long time!
And please, don’t let the look of hearing devices scare you. Hearing aids and cochlear implants can be very small and almost invisible. And even if you can see them a tiny bit, I think being in conversation with people and understanding what they are saying makes you look way better then just smiling, nodding and guessing when to laugh.
A lot of people think that hearing aids and cochlear implants are too expensive, don’t let that deter you. Cochlear implants are covered by most insurances and some Insurances even help to pay for hearing aids.
For those in need the hearing loss association may be a good place to find support. And people who want to donate can donate there as well.
A study conducted by McCormack and Fortnum in 2013 found that approximately 80 percent of adults age 55 to 74 years old who would benefit from hearing aids don’t use them.
According to the state of hearing report by Edelman 2018, in fact 1 in 3 people over 65 have a severe enough hearing loss and they may qualify for a cochlear implant yet only 5 percent that qualify for a implant end up getting one.
Do you have hearing aids sitting in a drawer because you feel like they don’t work or help. See a Doctor of Audiology near you or visit for a free and easy hearing aid check from the comfort of your home. Tell them that Liam sent you!
Liam Mahalak,
Clear Lake Elem. Student

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  1. Mary Cote-Humitz   May 5, 2021 at 4:15 pm

    Thank you for this thought-provoking article Liam! When you have hearing loss, you withdrawal from people and all too often, people withdrawal from you. Now more than ever, I want to be a part of the conversation, hear what others have to say – Not left out!


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