OHS Top 25: Andrew Wassell

Andrew Wassell
Parents: Scott and Amy Wassell
GPA: 4.01 Favorite Subject: AP Calculus
Plans after Graduation: Attend Rochester University for business management
Extracurricular Activities: Cross country, track
Outside Interests or Hobbies: Music – piano, singing, composition and songwriting. Traveling, hiking, nature.
When I think of the future I’m . . . Excited to grow into a man and take on every opportunity the world has to offer.
How have you grown as an individual during your years at OHS? I have learned the value of hard work in achieving your goals.
What change in the world would you make? I would want to feed the hungry.
What advice do you have for incoming Freshman? Find a good balance of keeping good grades but still having fun and making the most of your time at OHS.
My greatest achievement so far has been. . . Passing my road test.
I look forward to contributing to my community by . . . Sharing the music that I make with others.

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