OPD sees increase in work

According to Oxford Village Police Chief Mike Solwold’s April 2022 numbers, his department is seeing more action.
In his “Chief’s Report” calls for service in April to the department increased by eight when compared to April 2021. Last year, there were 681 calls for service in April. This April there were 689 calls.
The department, however, issued fewer citations/warnings in the same period. This past April Oxford police officers issued 349, compared to last April issuing 417 citations and/or warnings. This year’s April numbers inlcude 192 speeding infractions, 27 running red light violations, 25 license plate violations and 22 insurance or registration infractions.
According to the report there were three accidents in the village this April – the same as in April 2021.
April’s numbers continued an upward trend for the department. According to Solwold’s report, for the year there has been an almost 22 percent increase in the number of calls for service. So far this year, there have been 3,301 calls as compared to 2021 when through April there were 2,708 calls (and increase of 594 calls).
The department has issued slightly more citations or warnings this year as compared to last. According to the report, the department issued 1,676 citations or warnings as compared to 1,663 last year.
Some good news from the report: year-to-date, through April, there was one less accident in the village as compared to last year. In 2021, there were 19 accidents; this year just 18.
– Don Rush

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