Oxford Library Bond – Hot Political Issue

 Dear editor,

I’m surprised what a hot political issue the Library Bond has become.  The billboard south of town, orange flyers on the ground near mail boxes, signs, articles in the Leader are all taking a position “Vote No”. 

I support everyone’s rights to express their opinion however some of the information propagated by these folks just isn’t accurate or truthful.  I appreciated Jack Curtis’s letter (Oct 20th) to the editor refuting some of the points in Major Murray’s letter (Oct 13th).  Am I the only one that had to Google “abdicated” from the Major’s correspondence to find out what that word meant??

My other thought was who are these people?  Various names of groups are stated on their “vote no” ads, my favorite is “Paid for by regulated Funds by Advance Michigan, Novi, MI”.  So I look up Advance Michigan and find out their name is actually Michigan Advance a “hard hitting nonprofit news site covering politics and policy across Michigan”.  So where are they from; Novi, Lansing?  Do they think we need their help in making up our own minds?  Am I biased in thinking this is our town and our citizens can decide for themselves?  I’m not keen on these outsiders trying to influence OUR vote. 

I personally do support the bond, the library was built in 1997, the community is growing, and maintenance issues are also included in the bond.  I just feel this bond is good for our community and the education of our youth.  I want Oxford to be the very best is can be.  Voting no on a new, updated expanded library doesn’t make sense to me.

I just urge you to know the facts. 

To understand the bond proposal in its entirety visit https://www.miopl.org/library-bond-proposal.   If you want to know the actual cost annually visit https://www.miopl.org/images/PDF/Impact_of_Bonding_on_Property_Taxpayers.pdf.                      Please note you must know the taxable value of your home, not the current real estate value.

I will respect the outcome as voted by the citizens of Oxford, Michigan.

Thanks for listening.  Ken Rossman

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