Oxford Moms tie the town with remembrance ribbons

Volunteers make ribbons from table clothes inside the Ray room at the Legacy Center on Wednesday.

A Photostory by
James Hanlon
A group of Oxford mothers, teachers and volunteers tied thousands of yards of blue and gold ribbon to light poles, trees and signs downtown and around the high school last Wednesday, a day after the tragedy at Oxford High School.
“A lot of moms couldn’t sleep,” said Rebecca Sioma, a member of Oxford Mom Chatter who helped organize the effort. “A lot of moms had their kids sleep with them in their beds. They needed to do something.”
So, they got organized and cleaned out dollar stores, craft stores and party supply stores of everything blue and gold (or yellow) they could find. A room inside the Legacy Center was used as a staging area to unfold and cut up tablecloths and streamers.
“Nervous systems are freaking out right now,” said Sue Roeher, a mother and an administrator for Oxford Early Learning Center, as she tied a bow around a downtown streetlamp. “People are wanting to be active.”

Brandell Saylor secures a ribbon to the Larry Obrecht Bridge over M-24

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