Oxford Village Council wrap up

By Don Rush

The common council of Oxford Village met on Nov. 16 for its regular monthly meeting. Council president Kelsey Cooke, president pro-tem Allison Kemp, councilmembers Maureen Helmuth and Lori Bourgeau were in attendance. Councilmember Ashley Ross was absent.

32 E. Burdick discussed

Council made it known they want regular updates on the Planned United Development at 32 E. Burdick St.

I want this on the agenda every month so it doesn’t fall though cracks,” president pro-tem Kemp said after about 45 minutes of discussing the building. Council and a residents have waited for the project to be completed’

Developer Dave Weckle of Valley Building and Repair was on hand to answer questions and give an update. He said windows on the third floor were recently installed, he also said the project has been slow to complete first because of the COVID shutdowns, by supply chain issues for building materials, “But the main issue is labor,” he said.

The PUD involves a three-story, 60-foot-by-60-foot structure at 32 E. Burdick St., the southwest corner of E. Burdick and Mill streets. The top floor will be a residential condominium with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open floor plan and an outdoor L-shaped deck that’s approximately 1,500 square feet and overlooks both E. Burdick and Mill streets. 

The DDA approved the Planned Unit Development (PUD) agreement for the project at its November 2015 meeting. In August 2016, the planning commission approved the site plan. The village council followed suit by approving the PUD agreement in September 2016. As part of the development, Weckle was create a 55-space paved public parking lot. Once complete, ownership of this lot will be transferred to the DDA and it will be maintained by the village. Weckle is building this parking lot at his expense and giving it to the DDA in exchange for transferring ownership of three parcels (32, 36 and 38 E. Burdick St.), totalling 0.35 acres, to him. Weckle is using the three DDA parcels, plus the five he already owns on E. Burdick and Stanton streets, to create this development.

I’m trying to get this wrapped up as fast as I can,” Weckle told council. “And, it has taken a lot longer than expected.”

I am sympathetic with supply chain and labor issues,” Kemp said. “But last year you came before us and you said it would be done next year.”

President Cooke asked when the parking lot would be done and councilmember Helmuth mentioned wanted to make sure residential neighbor concerns were addressed. “I just want to make everyone happy,” Helmuth said. “Dave, without costing you a million dollars.” Helmuth then asked village manager Joe Madore to talk with the neighbors to find out what they want.

At the end of the discussion it was decided Madore, Weckle and village attorney Bob Davis were tasked with talking to neighbors to discuss the project and temporary fencing.

Officers elected

Council re-elected Cooke as president and Kemp as pro-tem.

2023 CDBG funds

Council decided to allocate about $8,000 worth of Community Development Block Grant funds in two ways – about 30 percent will go to Love Inc., the remainder will be allocated to “future” projects.

Terms extended

Council continued the terms of Zoning Board of Appeals board members Adam Randels and Tanya Hauser as well as the Planning Commission’s Scott Flynn.

Council workshop

On December 7, at 7 p.m. council will meet for a workshop to discuss a number of issues, including the E. Burdick PUD, village meeting dates for 2023, a memorial for the Nov. 30 tragedy and rental property inspections.

After discussions, at 9 p.m., council went into closed session for the annual evaluations of both the village manager and village clerk.

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