Oxford Village Police month end report

Well, by the numbers this past June, drivers in and through Oxford Village are driving better.
According to Chief Mike Solwold’s June 2021 report, Oxford police issued 420 tickets or warnings this past June — 62 less than in June of 2020. Most of the tickets or warnings were for speeding — 176 of the 420. The second most tickets or warnings were for running red lights, 50.
Don’t pat yourselves on the backs too quickly, Oxford drivers. While the warnings and tickets were less in June, for the year Oxford police have issued 184 more tickets or warnings. Through June of this year they have issued 2,429 citations/warnings. Last year for the same time period, 2,245.
Last year from January through June there were 33 accidents on Village streets; this year just 29.
* * *
Accidents aside, the village dispatch center has been much busier this year than last. According to Solwold’s report calls for service are up over 70 percent this year over last. His report shows calls to the department through June of this year numbered 4,009. For the same period in 2020, there were only 2,817 calls — a 1,192 call difference.
— Don Rush

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