Oxford’s Academic Achiever: Emma LaBarge

Emma LaBarge
Parents: Maureen and Edward LaBarge
GPA: 4.084 Favorite Subject: Psychology

Plans after graduation: I plan to attend Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas to both major in premed and play volleyball.
Extracurricular Activities: I am a part of the National Honors Society, played school volleyball and am currently playing travel volleyball. I was also a part of the Link Leaders club this past summer.
Outside Interests and Hobbies: I work at Pomeroy Living which I got hired at through the Medical Interventions class at the High School. I enjoy working there because it gives me patient care experience and it’s great that I can make a difference in the residents’ lives. I also enjoy reading, skiing, and hanging out with friends.
What did you learn about yourself during lockdown? I learned it’s okay to be alone sometimes. Before quarantine, I would always try to surround myself with people in order to have fun. But after being forced to spend so much time alone, I realized you can enjoy life on your own as well.
How have you grown as an individual during your time at OHS? I have learned to accept both others differences as well as my own. We live in a world where everyone tries so hard to fit in, in fact our world counts on that. Well, I have learned through the past four years that it is more fun and fulfilling to stand out and do, as well as act, how you want. It has taught me to be happy.
What change in the world would you make? I would change the cancel culture my generation and the world has developed. There are so many more things that we could focus our energy on to improve the world. But instead so many people focus on the mistakes of others and lash out at those people because of them. Rather than listening to what everyone has to say on platforms such as Tik Tok, I would challenge people to decide how they view things and do their own research and even if they disagree with something someone said or did, be respectful about it.
What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?
Make sure to work hard in your four years, but still have fun with it. These next four years begin to not only shape you, but set up your future. You want to make sure you have as many opportunities in your future as possible and you don’t want to narrow those down by not working hard. Again, make friends and have fun throughout High School, but make sure to stay on top of your work as well.

My greatest achievement so far has been:
My greatest achievement so far has been committing to play volleyball and attend school at Angelo State University next fall.

I look forward to contributing to my community by:
I look forward to contributing to my community by not only setting a good example, but helping people in need through volunteer work.

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