Oxford’s Academic Achiever: Mikaela Weaver

Mikaela Weaver
Parents: Ken and Cari Weaver
GPA: 4.176 Favorite Subject: Theory of Knowledge
Plans after graduation: Attend university out west
Extracurricular Activities: Choir, Musical, National Honors Society and working as a Physical Therapy Technician
Outside Interests and Hobbies: Photography and Music
What did you learn about yourself during lockdown? I learned to be more patient with myself and others.
How have you grown as an individual during your time at OHS? I’ve become more open-minded and empathetic towards others and their personal challenges. I’ve also come to focus less on what others are doing and more on myself and the people that are important to me.
What change in the world would you make? I would encourage everyone to think outside of themselves, their beliefs and their pride and to respect and care for everyone.
What advice do you have for incoming freshmen? High school will be so much more enjoyable if you be yourself and do your personal best; don’t sell yourself short.
My greatest achievement so far has been: An achievement I’m proud of has been my opportunity to be a member of Vocal Expressions.
I look forward to contributing to my community by: I look forward to contributing to my community through NHS. I’ve loved being able to interact with and serve community members that I never would have known otherwise. I also love assisting and getting to know community members through my job at Summit Physical Therapy.

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