Oxford’s Top 25: Peyton Krajcarski

Student’s Name: Peyton Krajcarski
Parents and/or Guardian: Heather Krajcarski-Hunt
GPA: 4.2
Favorite Subject: IB Biology HL

Plans after Graduation: College/University – Undergrad and Grad Degrees

Extracurricular Activities: Varsity Volleyball and Lacrosse

Outside Interests or Hobbies: Beach volleyball, Calligraphy, Friends and Family

When I think of the future I’m . . . Doing successful and innovative research.

How have you grown as an individual during your years at OHS? I have become more aware of issues in and out of school and becoming more proactive in everything I do.

What change in the world would you make? Environmental Awareness – Awareness in General

What advice do you have for incoming Freshman? Challenge yourself – Try your best

My greatest achievement so far has been. . . Being VP of NHS

I look forward to contributing to my community by . . . Innovating technology and medicine for future generations.

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