PC gives nod to ‘adult use’ pot rules

The Village Planning Commission voted unanimously, 6-0, to approve the proposed Adult Use Marijuana Facilities draft ordinance, after a public hearing Tuesday evening.
The “first and only public hearing” to discuss the draft ordinance was short – wrapping up in just under half an hour.
Several members of the public spoke in support of marijuana in general, but did not address specific zoning or business requirements stated in the ordinance.
Based on these comments, Village Councilwoman Kate Logan, who is not on the Planning Commission, got up to clarify, “Not to discredit anything that anyone’s had to say here tonight, because I’m in full support, and I believe in all of your testimonies here tonight. I want to just clarify that this is a village that supported these efforts. We listened to the voters. This is something that was assigned for Planning Commission to decide on where the placement should be. So we’re actually not here to decide on whether or not marijuana should be allowed in the Village of Oxford. It’s actually looking where we can put it. We’re not here to dispute if it’s legal or not. It’s absolutely legal.”
“Councilwoman, thank you very much,” Chair Gary Douglas said, “I appreciate your clarifying that.”
The commission recognized village planner Mario Ortega of McKenna Associates to give a summary of the draft ordinance.
“This ordinance has been created in first draft form by the Planning Commission strictly with regard to the zoning ordinance of the village, meaning that it regulates the location and uses that could be allowed within the village based on the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijauna Act,” Ortega explained.
The ordinance permits only six types of marijuana business facilities: marijuana grower, marijuana microbusiness, marijuana processor, marijuana retailer, marijuana safety compliance facility and marijuana secure transporter. All other marijuana facilities not defined are prohibited.
The property on which a marijuana facility is located must be solely dedicated and utilized for the marijuana facility. Home occupations would not be permitted to have a marijuana facility on them.
There are specific restrictions on location in Oxford Village. Facilities will only be permitted on land whose front lot line is the Glaspie St., Industrial Drive or Drahner Road right-of-way line and are located in the I-1 Industrial zoning district.
Facilities must maintain a 500-foot buffer with child care facilities, schools and public parks, and a 100-foot buffer with other marijuana facilities.
Marijuana retailers can only be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Facilities must have an adequate security plan. All rooms that contain marijuana must be individually locked. Buildings must have security cameras operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week and must keep the record of the prior 120 continuous hours of operation.
Smoking, inhalation or consumption of marijuana is prohibited on the premises of any marijuana facility.
Applicants must be pre-approved by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency of the State of Michigan.
Ortega also explained the final review procedures, “A marijuana facility would have to go through special use approval, which means they would apply to the village, meeting a certain deadline. Then everyone within 300 feet would be notified. There would be a public hearing just like this held in front of the planning commission, and then the special land use criteria will be reviewed.”
After Ortega’s remarks, Commissioner Jack Curtis made the motion to “recommend the adult use marijuana ordinance to the Oxford Village Council based on the outcome of the public hearing and the inclusion of all conditions and changes made in the attorney’s letter dated December 17, 2019.”
The motion passed unanimously.

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