Please play our fight song each day

As we draw closer to the beginning of the school year, I want to take this opportunity and make a

request of the Oxford High School administration. I believe I may be able to garner public support,

through the publishing of this request, via the Leader.

I speak for myself, but hope to also be a voice for students. Please allow for the bringing back of the

Oxford High School fight song at 2:58 P.M. each day, as the signal that the high school day has ended.

This time honored tradition for students begins the first day of Middle School and continues until their

last day of High School.

This ended on November 30, 2021. This tradition was not brought back, when students returned. Our

beloved fight song played no more. “Trigger” and “Upsetting” were some of the words thought of as to

the reason.

Looking back on the days which followed that fateful day, our little community felt support and love from around the nation. Most memorable for me, perhaps for many, were the more than eighty high school bands that “stood with Oxford” by performing the Oxford High School fight song!

These students have had so much taken from them, at an unfathomable cost but they are resilient, they

are Wildcats. Every piece of normalcy returned to our students is a step closer to them finding

grace. This fight song, written in 1944 by a Wildcat, for Wildcats, is a tune that each of them (myself

included) can sing in our sleep. It’s played every end of school day. Please on behalf of myself and every past, present and future Wildcat; bring back our fight song.

Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat!

Go Big O!

Angela Reed

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  1. Ed Corack   August 9, 2022 at 11:58 am

    Angela e al,

    I had never heard of Oxford, MI till that horrendous day of November 30, 2021 and I live in Northern, VA near the Dulles Airport and have a grandson who goes to Heritage High School in Leesburg, VA.

    The tragedy of Tate Myre (only 16) and #42 on the Wildcats Football Team , Justin Shilling (only 17), Hana St. Juliana (only 14) and Madisyn Baldwin (only 17) were just CHILDREN. They are gone forever but never forgotten by me. The way OHS can be proud of Tate is to name the football stadium after him; Justin- the bowling alley where he played and for Hana and Madisyn- wings of the school. In the end, I know Oakland County and Oxford will do the right thing. There are times when I think of these children and 7 more wounded and cry. But my tears are really shed for Tate’s, Justin’s, Hana’s and Madysin’s (taken way too early) families- The hurt, tears, sadness and loneliness of their parents, brother and sisters must be unfathomable. But as the Bible says in Ecclesiastes “There is a time and a purpose unto heaven: A time to be born and a time to die.” My heart goes out to their families for this huge emptiness and I do not wish it on my worst enemy. God Bless all you wonderful folks in Oxford, MI and may God help you in the years to come.

    I do know Buck Myre has started to mentor kids. This is superior to continue Tate’s outstanding legacy and the indomitable character a young man way ahead of his times. I hope the other families do the same to honor their children.

    Ed Corack


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