Please vote for Rod

The Oxford Township election is just a couple weeks away. Oxford is proud to have so many good people running for all the various positions making voting choices more difficult.
Today I am writing about the choice for trustee. Four are currently serving and have decided to ask for more time, one hasn’t been elected or appointed. You can’t go wrong with any decision, but I believe that Rod Charles would make a better choice.
Rod Charles is someone I have known for a long time. Rod Charles has been a coach, mentor, Downtown District Authority board member, downtown property owner and financial advisor. Rod also put together a couple of candidate forums.
Another project he had a hand in was the Lone Ranger Parade. You know the one that had over 100 entries each year that thousands of us watched going down Washington street. Oxford’s best parade since 1976. He also landed the Lone Ranger Scholarship that will be awarded every year for ever.
Like it or not, Rod has his own opinion and is not afraid to say it (even if he is wrong), not to be disruptive or with too much ego to change it.
He will ask good questions, take time to ask others what they think and be the most prepared for meetings as one can be. Please vote for Rod Charles.
Jim Sherman, publisher

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  1. Karin Miller   July 26, 2020 at 10:06 pm

    Rod Charles….great choice! I only wish he lived and ran for office in Lake Orion!!


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