Please Vote in the August 4 primary (and vote for these folks)

Dear Fellow Addison Township and
Oxford Township citizens,
Please Vote in the August 4th primary!
Please vote for and elect Joe Kent Oakland County Treasurer. Joe has Extensive experience as a Tax accountant helping people. He wants to help the people of Oakland County keep their money and assure the money they send to the county is used for the benefit of the entire county’s population.
Please vote for and elect Mike Kowell Oakland County Executive. He will bring our county back to fiscal responsibility after the pandemic and mismanagement at hand. He is dedicated to keep our AAA bond rating and excellent services our county provides.
Please vote for and re-elect Lori Fisher Addison Township Treasurer. She has done a phenomenal job and would continue to keep our Township on the fiscal path!
Please vote for and elect Charles Sargent, Karen Geibel, Nick Barnhart, & Joel King Trustees of Addison Township. The right team to give Addison the direction we have been hoping for.
Please vote for and elect Rod Charles Oxford Township Trustee. He sees what the community needs and acts for the community without seeking recognition. He was the leadership that brought the Lone Ranger Parade and Festival to our town. He works on other commissions in the village and the township to help the community. He uses his insight and business acumen to help the community. Rod Charles would be a refreshing new view and direction for the township.
Ron Renaud, Addison Township.

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