Posse produced two successful events


Two amazing and successful events held back to back; our fundraising dinner with President Lincoln the evening of Friday, Aug. 5 followed promptly the next day by Oxford’s signature event – The Oxford Lone Ranger Parade and Festival.

The Lone Ranger Posse is proud and pleased at the great success as evidenced by how many people were in town and the smiles on their faces.

Oxford had an awe-inspiring parade, food, great music, vendors, and plenty of activities for kids.

The iconic figures of The Lone Ranger and Tonto have become a way to showcase the Oxford community.

We had visitors from around Michigan, and many visitors from out of state.

They were impressed. As one caller to my office stated, “this Lone Ranger Festival has made me so proud of Oxford.”

These two major events would not have occurred without extensive effort by many volunteers.

The Lone Ranger Posse & Friends are unpaid volunteers who dedicated personal time, money, and effort to pull off these events.

A complete listing is impossible but the core Posse members are; Mary Ellen Faulkner, Angela Logan, Susan Schurr, Geno Mallia, Carol Mallia, Walter Bargen, Karen Charles, Linda Sherman, Barb Pace, and Sheri Moore. We owe them a hearty “thank you” for a job well done.

Hi-Yo, Silver !

Rod Charles

Head Buckaroo of the Lone Ranger Posse

P.S. Because the weather was gorgeous we would like to also thank everyone who didn’t wash their cars before the event.


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