Public Notice: Addison Twp.

Township of Addison

Board Meetings Synopsis

The Addison Township Board; its elected members are Supervisor Pearson, Clerk Bennett, Treasurer Fisher, Trustee King, Trustee Newby, Trustee Gierak and Trustee Senft held the following meetings at 1440 Rochester Rd. Leonard MI 48367. The following action was taken:

April 16, 2018

Approved the agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda with the following items March 19, 2018 minutes, bills as paid for March 2018, Budget amendment: $600 to Board of Review, Intergovernmental Agreement between Oakland Township and Addison Township for a reserve engine and OAYA Sponsorship for 2018: $5,385.

Approved Resolution to amend the Sheriff Agreement coverage increase.

Marine Patrol Agreement 2016-2018 continue with 2018 agreement with police funds up to 128 hours, up to $4,300

Moved the resolution establishing and appointing a Construction Board of Appeals.

Moved the resolution allowing North Oakland Transportation Authority (NOTA) millage for the purpose of supplementing the existing capital and operating expense for NOTA.

May 21, 2018

Approved agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda with the following items April 16, 2018 minutes, bills as paid for April 2018, Semcog dues $1199, Fire Physio Control renewal for lifepak maintenance coverage, Renew WC insurance with MML for $28,126.

Help Public Hearings and moved the first Resolutions for Special Assessment Districts for the following private roads: Dorn Drive and Dorn Court, High Ridge Lane, Low Wood Trail and Charitoo Ridge, and Markwood drive and Markwood Court.

Moved the resolution adopting the 2018/19 Health Care Benefits that include Health Care, Vision, Dental with Life, Long Term, Short Term Disability, Employee Contribution and In Lieu of Benefits.

If you have questions, please contact Clerk Pauline Bennett @248.628.3317 ex 216. Copies of the draft minutes are available for review or purchase at the Clerk’s office during business hours, located at 1440 Rochester Rd. Leonard, MI 48367. Approved minutes, agendas and the board packs are available for your viewing on the Township web site.

Pauline Bennett,

Addison Township Clerk

Publish: May 30, 2018


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