Public Notice: Village of Oxford

village of oxford

synopsis of council meeting august 9, 2016

Call to Order

1. Pledge of Allegiance

– moment of silence for troops

2. Roll Call

– Bossardet, Helmuth, Bejma, Dolan, Kennis

3. Approve the agenda

– Motion carried

4. Public Presentation

: none

5. Public Hearings: none

6. Call to Public – for non-agenda items

7. Consent Agenda-


Correspondence & Letters, Reports and Minutes: motion carried

B. Approval Items:

1. Approval of Minutes

Regular meeting July 12 and Special meeting July 26, 2016

2. Bills

– motion approved $168,311.43

3. Board and Commission Updates:

4. Monthly Budget Report and budget amendments

5. SMART Municipal Credit Contract 2017

Motion carried

8. Unfinished/Old Business

A. Ad Hoc Committee Reports: Dispatch Transition-

motion carried received

B. Personnel Policies Manual and Personnel Procedures Manual

-set aside

9. New Business:

A. Lease Agreement with Evening Group-

motion carried

B. Scheduling public hearings for:

1. Rental Inspection Ordinance-

motion carried

2. Mowing Enforcement Ordinance Amendment-

motion carried

C. Appointment of Ad-Hoc Committees:

motion carried

D. Sewer Summer Credit for Non-residential Customers:

set aside

10. Items removed from consent agenda


11. Public Comment

12. Manager’s Report

13. Clerk’s Report

14. Council Comments

15. Closed session

16. Adjournment at 9:07pm


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