Public Safety Jan. 9, 2018

Boy allegedly punches father

For the fifth time in recent years, Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies came to an Oxford home after a boy allegedly attempted to harm his parents on Dec. 28. The 12-year-old boy had reportedly punched his father in the face, kicked a hole in his bedroom wall and took his mother’s phone to keep her from contacting authorities over a dispute regarding the amount of time he was allowed to spend on the computer.

According to the report, the boy’s parents told deputies he had reoccurring anger issues. When officers approached the boy, he understood that there could be consequences and was worried about what they might be. After diffusing the situation, deputies requested a juvenile petition for the boy.

Ex-boyfriend allegedly assaults woman

On Dec. 31, 2018, a 26-year-old Lake Orion woman reported an alleged assault to Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies. The woman told officers she had picked up her ex-boyfriend, a 28-year-old Oxford man, for what she thought was to take him to a job interview. According to the report, she said he got in the car and ordered her to start driving without stopping. Along the way, she told officers he hit her in the face twice, once by smashing a sandwich into her face.

The report stated that when the two stopped at a grocery store, the woman tried to alert employees of her situation. But, her ex-boyfriend overheard her and drove off in her car. Deputies had no leads on the car’s whereabouts as of press time.

Arrest in felony OWI

Late at night on Jan. 3, Oxford Village police officers located and arrested a 34-year-old Lake Orion man for a charge of operating while under the influence (OWI) that happened last year. The charge originated from a car accident. Police arrived at the man’s home and arrested him without incident. He was taken to the Oakland County Jail.

Car crash in the village

While she was driving through Oxford Village, a 40-year-old Leonard woman lost consciousness and crashed her SUV into the side of Walton and Becker Eyecare at 89 S. Washington St. According to the village police report, the woman had a blood alcohol content of 0.0 and said she had not taken any substances or medicine before driving. Though she was complaining of chest pains and a light head, she refused medical treatment and was picked up by her husband.

Ace Hardware retail fraud

A 37-year-old Oxford man was arrested for stealing around $24 worth of merchandise from the Oxford Ace Hardware store on the evening of Dec. 21, 2018. According to the Oakland County Sheriff’s report, security footage shows the man taking two pump valves, valued at about $12 apiece, putting them in his coat and then leaving the store without paying for them. The video showed him as a white male with glasses, and deputies later found a man fitting the description in Oakland County Jail’s database.

When deputies contacted the man, the report states that he admitted to stealing the pump valves so he could fix something for his girlfriend. He then waived his rights and was arrested without incident.

Trouble in the family

After her father took her baby sister, a 15-year-old Oxford girl called Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies to report that her father had allegedly taken her baby sister with the intent to harm her. According to the report, the daughter told deputies her father had become very angry and was breaking things, so she packed herself and the baby some things with the intent to stay in a cousin’s house for the night. As she tried to leave, she told officers her father took the baby from her and drove away.

When deputies arrived at the father’s home, the 40-year-old man opened the door after several knocks and allowed officers to see if the baby was all right. Though officers observed broken glass, a broken door and the smell of dog urine in the home, the baby appeared unharmed. When officers interviewed the father, the report states that he told them he had only become angry and broke things because his daughter had tried to take the baby.

To calm the situation down, officers called the baby’s mother, who took her for the night. The 15-year-old girl left to stay with the aforementioned cousin.