Public Safety Sept. 12, 2018

Let the children learn

Sitting out in front of her home and intoxicated, a 36-year-old Oxford mother called Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies to report her son’s wanting to go to school on Sept. 5. When officers arrived at about 10 a.m., two hours after her call, she was still outside the home and visibly drunk, according to the police report. She complained to officers that her 10-year-old adopted son wanted to be taken to school, that she regretted adopting him and he was the reason for her pending divorce.

When officers interviewed the boy, he reported his mother is drunk most of the time and during their altercation that morning, he had grabbed a kitchen knife after she told him he would die that day. According to the report, when police called her soon-to-be ex-husband, he confirmed the boy’s accusations and said her frequent drinking and abuse to their son is the reason for their divorce. The father was away on business in Texas, but told officers he is making arrangements for the boy to live with him and his adult daughter. Officers called child protective services and took the boy to school.

No more freebies

A business owner in Oxford called to report a former employee of hers for embezzling on the afternoon of Sept 6. The former employee, a 27-year-old man, was given a gas card that he could use for work purposes. When he was let go from the job, he never returned the card and continued to use it for personal use, which counts as embezzlement of the company’s funds, according to the police report. Officers canceled the card and contacted the man, who said he would mail the card to his former employer. Officers advised the business owner to call them if she had further issues with this individual.