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Dear Editor,
This is in response to the article last week on the “Crumbley’s week in court”. I was watching golf on Saturday and my wife decided to share the information on what The Leader reported, which is good reporting and need to know if you desire, about what the alleged Oxford school shooter is doing. Let’s start here, I’m all for due process but really, alleged, can we just call him the cold blooded murderer? I’m pretty sure there is a video tape and thousands of scarred for life witnesses.
Referring to him on a first name basis in the article is bad judgement and insulting at best in my opinion, that is the only thing I saw wrong with the article and information.
I am outraged the cold blooded murderer get’s to revel in his doing along with his partner the Devil himself by communicating with the outside world via email. Spawning more unwashed to idolize him; rewarding his warped fantasies are hardly punishment and surely will do nothing to deter any other atrocities. How about let’s play some games on my tablet or watch some tube, SERIOUSLY!
He decided to do this, he is at fault, he is a cold blooded murderer of the innocent, he deserves nothing, including breath but at minimum punishment of bread water and breathing in solitude with the Devil.
The others who may be (are in my opinion) culpable in negligence with criminal or civil actions, fine, let them watch TV. The respective courts will decide their fate but they are not direct cold blooded murderers of the innocent like him.
I don’t know but wondering have any of the other school shooting murderers met death as their punishment? Maybe these crimes should be Federal offenses to allow the death penalty in every occurrence. Either way, death is not enough punishment for any of these cold blooded murderers, neither is being part of the general population at Jackson prison but they would be a start. The vengeance of the Lord is maybe enough; sooner the better for that, it is not just about protecting the public from these murderers but deterring the potential actions of others (obviously).
With that said I’m pretty sure becoming a legend in his own mind and communicating with the public, watching TV, playing on a tablet or accumulating funds from other deranged individuals IS NOT PUNISHMENT. I know technically he has not been convicted yet but single communication with his defense attorney, bread, water and breathing are in order for the level of pain inflicted and the offense he is being held.
My wounds are open in eternity for the families of all the victims murdered or injured, the Students, Teachers present and past of Oxford High School, the Oxford community, State and Nation for the actions of this cold blooded murderer. Punishment needs to start NOW!
Sincerely, Mike Neff class of 81’ and lifetime Oxford Strong.

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  1. Ed Corack   March 30, 2022 at 11:15 am

    Mike, I agree with you 1000%. The shooter is human scum and so are the parents. The slaughtered victims’ families of Tate Myre (16), Justin Shilling (17), Hana St. Juliana (14) and Madysin Baldwin (17) lost their CHILDREN forever and they are never coming back. I mourn for the PTSD scars on Keegan Gregory (15) who was in the bathroom when the HUMAN SCUM shot Justin in the head. I am also upset about the 7 others who were shot and are scarred for life.But, the Human Scum will be in prison for over 50 years and the parents too. I have cried over the 4 murdered kids as I have 2 boys and 2 girls of my own. It will take about a year before the slaughtered kids’ parents very slowly come to peace but they will never ever forget. To the parents of the dead kids, I too have been very affected as my best friend when I was 10 was killed by a drunk driver. At his burial, I cried and wondered why I was not I have survivors guilt. taken and why Luke had to leave so soon. I will never know the anguish and heartbreak the Myres, Shillings, St. Julianis and Baldwins still must feel every day. I believe the only thing the Oxford Folks can do is to sit and think how fortunate they are their kids are living. I am begging Oxford High School to rename the football field after Tate.

    Ashburn, VA, Northern,m VA


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