Rental inspection in the village die in discussion


Only one audience person spoke to the Oxford Village Council at its July 20 meeting, Major Murray and he wanted to talk about the village’s proposed residential inspection ordinance for rental properties.

I do not live in the village, but I own properties in the village,” he said. And, about the proposed ordinance, “I think it’s misguided.”

He said singling out only rental properties for the inspection versus every home was not fair and equal, “It’s not just renters’ lives who matter, all lives matter, home owners matter, too, if safety is your reason for doing this.” he said.

During their time to discuss the proposed ordinance, Councilpersons Lori Bourgeau, Ashley Ross and Kesley Cooke all agreed they would not vote to endorse this ordinance. Council member Maureen Helmuth was absent and only Council member Allison Kemp wanted the ordinance to move forward to become law.

I feel strongly about this,” Kemp said. “I am a renter and other communities have this ordinance.”

Realistically, I don’t want to pass something we don’t know how it will work,” council president Cooke said.

Added council member Bourgeau, “I don’t see myself ever voting ‘yes’ on this.”

Said councilperson Ross, “I do think this is an overreach . . . Slumlords are gonna slum. Do we know them, yes. Do we know where they are, yes. No one is knocking down the door with their concerns. And, if someone does walk into the village office with an issue, we would help them.”

In May the village sent out registration forms to 126 rental addresses in the village, 38 owners responded.

The discussion died. No action was taken. The village administration will send out a second rental property registration form.

* * *

Attorney Bob Davis reported using public funds for non-public purposes is in conflict with the village charter.

* * *

Council discussed using village property for events. Discussions revolved around free speech and what is a private or public event. No action was taken.

* * *

Denied request to tie teal ribbons around light poles for Michigan Ovarian Cancer awareness month.

* * *

Council approved a $175,738 payment for the $650,000 Hudson/Dennison repaving project.

— Don Rush



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