Reports from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office

By Dean Vaglia
Leader Staff Writer
The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) Oxford Township Substation responded to three notable calls on Sunday, March 6. The following are based on incident reports.

Drug arrest
Around 12:45 a.m. a deputy spotted three people — a 47-year-old Oxford Township man, a 27-year-old Oakland Township woman and a 42-year-old Oxford Township woman — acting suspiciously at a gas station on Lapeer Rd. and performed a traffic stop once the trio drove off. Two of the occupants (Oxford man and Oakland woman) showed signs of intoxication while the driver (Oxford woman) did not, but all were detained in patrol cars when backup arrived.
A vehicle search uncovered five amphetamine pills and a blue crystalline substance revealed to be methamphetamine after field testing; all were found where the Oxford man was sitting in the vehicle. The man stated he used the pills to sleep and that he did not have a prescription. No drugs were found on the women.
The Oxford woman stated the man is “her children’s father” and that she drove the two to the gas station to get things because they “were not acting right.”
The man was arrested for drug possession and transported to the Oakland County Jail (OCJ). The women were released at the scene.

Around 4:40 a.m. a deputy was dispatched to a traffic crash at Lakeville Rd. and Chinkapin Rill Dr. The caller stated a pickup truck was doing doughnuts in a gravel pit, crashed into a cable and the driver walking around the vehicle. The deputy arrived about six minutes later, finding the truck crashed at the bottom of an embankment and meeting the driver outside of Koenig Sand and Gravel.
The 34-year-old Oxford male approached the deputy while attempting to smoke. The deputy asked what was going on and what happened to the truck, the man saying nothing was going on and that the truck was “just chilling.” He was asked several times if he drank anything, to which he said he was drunk and “Yeah, I absolutely should not be driving” along with giving off a strong “odor of intoxicants.” The man had a “belligerent and argumentative” attitude and kept changing his story about what happened, constantly talking about a friend that did not seem to exist.
The deputy detained the man and placed him into a patrol vehicle before searching and finding alcohol containers in the truck. A single set of footprints were found around the truck and markings on the ground confirmed the caller’s claim of doughnuts.
Deputies spoke with the man’s girlfriend, who stated they left a family gathering in Saginaw the night before. After arriving home around 4 a.m. the man wanted to go “mud bogging,” causing an argument between them before driving off.
Deputies arrested the man for driving under the influence and took him to a hospital for a blood draw. The suspect berated the officer along the way and made several references to operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The man had to be restrained while hospital staff drew blood, after which he was taken to the OCJ.

Mental health call
Around 2 p.m. a deputy responded to a wellness check call from a man stating his daughter, a 28-year-old woman living in Oxford, expressed an intention to shoot herself. A deputy arrived at the Baldwin Rd. home and spoke with the woman, who said she was having an anxiety attack and agreed to go to a hospital. Oxford Fire Department personnel transported her while a shotgun and rifle were removed from the home.

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