Resident voices concerns over proposed cell tower

I have to voice my concerns and disgust with the actions being made by Addison Township in regards to a proposed Verizon Cell tower on Property owned by Addison Township that does not fit Zoning, ordinances or any other factor, in addition to the fact that Verizon has alternative sites to use that would not endanger any child or cause a historical landmark to be forever decimated as well as affecting the Kingsbury School’s ability to operate.

Thank you for reading these concerns and hopefully you will be just as disgusted as to the way Addison Township is forcing this through even though there are many concerns on the proposed 195 foot Verizon Cell tower less than 150 feet from a Historic Kindergarten School (Kingsbury) and 70 feet from their playground. It is a very low swampy parcel that would have difficulty making a good foundation for the enormous tower. Whereby the likelihood of it falling over would be great, risking lives at the school and property. The site they have proposed is extremely risky and a poor fit for what they, Verizon, want to achieve, which is to better serve and provide more coverage of their cellular service.

As far as the need, yes the area can use a better signal but the tower should be located as the ordinance was directing to be; on a 20 acre lot minimally. Not force it on an undersized lot (five acres), in swampy wet land within 150 feet of a historic kindergarten school and within 70 feet of its playground, or in view of everyone when there are other willing property holders with the acreage that would not need to get any variances or special use approvals nearby. Example: the Mulberry Hills Golf Course, in the very back of their property near Hosner (only 1/3 of a mile away and not in view of anyone) and, in the Addison Twp. Planning Committee Hearing, Bruce Meyers and Kallie Roesner-Meyers offered their property only a mile west of the proposed location. Proper placement is what the problem is here not that there is not a need.

We asked in both hearings of the planning commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals to weigh our concerns as residents and taxpayers more than that of the applicant –Verizon- as we must live and deal with the decisions they make, but so far we are ignored.

The ZBA ignored or didn’t understand the very definition of “variance” in their own ordinances. Under Section 2.02, it does not authorize a variance for lot size “As used in this ordinance, a variance is authorized only for height, area and size of structure or size of yards and open spaces. Establishment and/or expansion of a use otherwise prohibited shall not be allowed by variance”

Addison Township leadership does not address the health and safety liability the township will now be on the hook for by the ZBA allowing Verizon to build a cell tower on a lot that is too small for a fall zone and that would not be able to have a viable foundation in a swamp, in addition to possibility of a Cancer risk and risk of debris (like ice, pieces of equipment) falling from the tower and hitting the children in the playground 70 feet away among other factors presented to the ZBA. These liabilities become the townships as they have a standard that is in place (the ordinances) in which to deny this tower based upon the risks and why the ordinance and other ordinances were created in the first place.

During the ZBA and the PC hearings Verizon did not provide proof of a search for an alternative site nor were they asked for proof by the ZBA or the Planning Commission. But, from a survey we have conducted of property owners up/down Hosner road and the surrounding area of Johnathan and Hosner, as well as on Oakwood road, this statement is not true. There are other willing participants in other areas more north as Verizon wishes to be as a more desirable/fitting/centered location.

We requested the Planning Commission to decline and reject this tower placement on a poor fitting and inappropriate location that would risk too much for so little.

Please join us in this fight to preserve history, rural character, wellbeing and safety for our children and neighbors. We must never lose sight of what really matters; our children and our neighbors. For our future depends on what we do here and now for them.

I ask that you attend the Planning Commission meeting on Sept. 12 at 6 p.m. to halt this egregious and poorly-planned placement of a cell tower.

Can the township do their sworn duty to fairly and objectively evaluate the evidence and not be bias on the decision of this? I certainly hope they will, or it will cost us all.

Please see the Oxford Leader online article for my complete comment and letter to the

editor with all the facts. “Public voices opinions on proposed cell tower in Addison Twp.”

Thank you for reading my letter to the editor, I know the online one is a long one but the entire story must be told and the reports so far have been lacking all the facts.

Ron Renaud, Addison Township


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  1. Gizzard   August 24, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Ron, great information – thank you for posting -though I did have to take two pee breaks while reading – its good stuff


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