Resident wants to keep new snow ordinance as is

After reading the article on the snow ordinance changes in the Dec 19 Oxford Leader, I would like to address this issue. I am a lifelong Oxford resident who enjoys walking in the village year round.

I have done this for years.  I was ecstatic a few months back to see that there was going to be a new snow removal ordinance for the village sidewalks and that it was going to be enforced.

One village resident was quoted in the article as saying, “Snow never hurt anybody. Nobody ever fell down because of snow.” This is certainly not true.

If sidewalks aren’t shoveled, it melts and then refreezes, which of course creates an icy situation. I have fallen on sidewalks where this has happened.

Icy sidewalks force us walkers to walk in the street which is not safe for anyone.

While the majority of the residents are good about snow removal, there are several that are not. In the 30-plus years that I have been walking in the village, I can identify several houses that rarely shovel their sidewalks and a few that never do.

I know that I am not the only one who walks year round. I see others out there as well. I’m sure the postal workers who delivery your mail on foot would appreciate it as well.

I am asking the Oxford Village council members to please keep the snow removal ordinance and enforcement of it in place. Let’s keep village sidewalks safe for all of us.

Laura Keoppen


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