Residents want public beach idea back on table

Forget the snow on the ground. Addison Township is talking beaches.

On Oct. 24, the township board held a special meeting to discuss the possibility of a public beach on Lakeville Lake. Residents who own property on the lake came to the meeting to voice their disapproval of the idea and, after a show of hands, Supervisor Bruce Pearson and the board agreed to not move forward with the idea based on the residents’ feelings.

But, at the board’s Nov. 19 meeting, residents who want to see a public beach on Lakeville Lake came to tell the board they want the idea put back on the table. Residents who favor a beach argued their case based on the fact that it’s a public lake.

“I would just like to have the public beach brought back up for consideration again,” said Addison resident Phyllis Roe. “It seemed like we didn’t find out about this until it was like too short of a notice, and I would just like to see it brought back up again to see if this would (work).”

Residents who live on the lake came as well, opposing the creation of a public beach for a variety of reasons.

“If you live on the lake, and you bought a house on the lake, and this is something you’ve dreamt of all your life, and you worked real hard for it, and it’s beautiful where you live and everything is pristine… I’m asking anybody, how would you feel if someone put an amusement park up next to your house?” resident Mike Pardinoss said. “Or a beach next to your house? Or anything next to you that would devalue your house that you’ve worked so hard for all these years?”

Pardinoss said the township should consider building an indoor facility that could benefit, in his opinion, every age group with amenities like a pool and basketball court.

“Why don’t we look at a facility that has a swimming pool?… If we’re going to spend this kind of money, why don’t we have something that’s open year-round?” he said.

Addison mother Lauren LaCascio had a small back-and-forth with Pardinoss, arguing that a lake would give kids something to do in the warmer months.

LaCascio noted she would be in favor of a year-round facility, suggesting it could be near the lake.

“There’s a growing number of kids and families in this area, and I think this is a great place to raise a family… But there’s not a whole lot to do around here for a kid,” she said.

Other residents suggested, as they had at the Oct. 24 meeting, if a public lake is formed that it be for residents only and some showed a willingness to pay for lake access.

Though the option of a public beach was not pursued after the Oct. 24 meeting, Pearson told this reporter after the Nov. 19 meeting that, should one of the board members want to further pursue a beach, the issue could be formally discussed at the next meeting.

The board will meet again on Monday, Dec. 17. Meetings start at 6 p.m.